Used to control the spindle speed - directly from Mach3 + frequency Inverter

Main features:


Convert digital signal from PC to 0-10

Wide range of power supply 8-30V

Electrically isolated outputs for switching spindle

without any additional output pin

Compatibility with MACH3





CNC_FU_V1-0 converter is designed to convert the signal from the PC to an analogue signal 0-10V. This transfer will able to control the frequency converter, which controls the speed of the spindle. Design is suited for quick and easy installation. Power is supplied from the frequency converter available to 24V for powering external devices. At the same time, this converter has electrically isolated outputs which can be turned themselves spindle.


Connection :.

The converter is connected as a reduction between the PC parallel port and stepper motor driver. The frequency converter is attached as shown below.







Inverter settings: 

PD1 = 1 external terminal

PD2 = 1 potentiometer

PD3 main freq = 400

PD4 = 400 base freq

PD5 = 400 max freq

PD6 = 399 int freq

PD7 = 20 min freq

PD8 max voltage = 220

PD9 = 219 int voltage

PD10 = 19 min Voltage

PD11 = 100 min freq

PD14 = 8 accel time

PD70 = 0 - 0-10

PD72 = 400 analog max freq

PD73 = 100 min analog freq


The underlined settings are related to the actual control of the remaining settings vary depending on the spindle.


ATTENTION! It is important to switch on the inverter Jumper switch control from an external potentiometer.

Configuring MACH3:

The Software MACH3 is necessary to set the following items so that the converter functions correctly.



Tested with spindles CC800 and CC2200 + frequency inverters FM15 and FM22
 Price:    only 99,00,- €
Shipping to EU = 5,00,- €   /  Shipping to World = 10,00,- €