Kompas H - 1000 GS


3D CNC Router / Engraver Kompas H1000 GS

GS version with HF spindle motor

+ Profi4 CNC controller

+ Ballscrew

Directly from the manufacturer - Made in EU

This Kompas - H 1000 is NOT a cheap production toy, it was precision
crafted with all the skill and knowledge

Solid welded construction

Perfect for drilling holes or cutting circuit board traces

Carving Machinable Wax, Wood, or Plastics!


Presentation is possible in:

Clonmel - Ireland

Bratislava - Slovakia

The machine is suitable for drilling and milling plastics, woods, plywoods and others...
The ideal assistant for modellers but also for small Companies.
Solid frame made of iron.
On all axes is supported rods with roller bearings.
Precise, stylish and versatile. With accuracy of 0.02 mm.
Ball screws ensure long life.
Perfect price and performance ratio.

Working area:

XYZ Axis: 850x600x80mm

Translation - Ballscrew 16 x 10 mm


X Axis: Ballscrew 16 x 10 mm

Y Axis:  Ballscrew 16 x 10 mm

Z Axis: Ballscrew 16 x 5 mm

Technical parameters
Working area for axis X 600 mm
Working area for axis Y 850 mm
Working area for axis Z 80 mm
The space under the Z axis 160 mm
Travel for Z axis 100mm
precision 0.03 mm
Working speed 2500mm/min
Controller Profi4 controller + Mach3
Spindle :  HF 800W
Collet : ER11
Bottom frame size: 880x1110 mm
Overall dimensions: 1100x1300x600 mm
Weightť : 85 kg

Guide Rails - Precision Ground Shafting

Manufactured from: Fe +  Aluminium



Video - Stone Engraving





New video - Wood clock carving with CNC machine Kompas H 1000.




Delivery included:


Kompas H1000 GS Milling machine

Profi4 3D CNC Controller

Spindle HF 800W + Inverter

Mach3 Software Demo

All assembled and tested

10pcs milling tools (start set)


Price only 2590,00 €


Optional Accessories:



Mach3 Licence


120,00 €

Cut2D Desktop

Cut2D Pro


135,00 €


420,00 €

Cut3D Software


275,00 €

Aspire Software


1800,00 €

PC 2,6GHz

512Mb RAM


Monitor 17'

80,00 €



80,00 €

UC100 - USB



99,00 €


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Shipping and Handling with Dachser to EU = 120,00 €