Kompas H - 400 KIT


3D CNC Router / engraver Kompas H400 KIT

Mechanics - Frame


Directly from the manufacturer - Made in EU

This Kompas - H 400 is NOT a cheap production toy, it was precision
crafted with all the skill and knowledge

Perfect for drilling holes or cutting circuit board traces
Carving Machinable Wax, Wood, or Plastics!


New model :


New Desktop CNC Machine Kompas - H- 400 Router

- Sold as a kit - mechanic - without steppermotors and electronic

Modular design from stock components offering a very strong / solid professional machine....

Now with the addition of our user adjustable zero backlash trapezoidal nuts.

Kit: Shipped as 3 complete sub-assemblies X, Y, and Z... (The machine is tested before shipping)
Designed for the manufacture of PCB's and Model Making....


   Translation - Trapezoidal Ø 16x4 (mm) pitch   

Axis: 16x4 assembled with user adjustable zero backlash Delrin /

Y Axis: 16x4 assembled with user adjustable zero backlash Delrin /

Z Axis: 16x4 assembled with user adjustable zero backlash Delrin /

Technické parametre
Working area X 300 mm
Working area Y 400 mm
Working area Z 130 mm
precision 0.05 mm
Speed 800mm/min
Dimension:  550x650x500mm
Weight 55 kg
 Connecting Kompas H-1000 / 400 + H5 Controller:
  Setup Mach3 for Kompas H-400 + H5 Controller 
How to install settings: 
1 Download and unzip 
2 Bitmap, macros + H400 
             Copy to: 
     My PC / C / Mach3 
3 Then run Mach3 icon and choose the profile - H400







without steppermotors and cabel

690,00,- €

Komplet elektronic 

H5 controller with the power supply -

just connect the PC and stepper motors 

250,00,- €


4 x 1,85Nm

120,00,- €


H5 - controller - Kit  

219,00,- €

Milling motor


Cau Cau 850 W 
54,00,- €
Coupling 4x 40,00,- €


Cable + Chains
39,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS

Mach 3 - License

 120,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS

Software Cut2D - Desktop 

For more info click here

135,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS


Software Cut3D  

275,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS

PC + monitor

2,6 GHz , 512 RAM

All setting  

80,00,- €



80,00,- €

 Klick here for more info :




Shipping and Handling To EU = 120,-Euro

This machine usually ships within four (4) BUSINESS days of receipt of payment.