Performance Aspire


What is Aspire?

Aspire is the easiest way to make the 2 D vector drawing quality 3D relief and also create the tool path. It is also able to create a relief from the photo. In addition, Aspire has all the tools contained in the successful V Carve Pro.

Graphical interface is logically arranged, there is no problem with it after a short acquaintance. Thus it is able to work very efficiently and thus save you a lot of time. Who wants to deal with professional 3D creation, decide to not do without the Aspire.





Download the demo version!







Aspire 3D has been designed to allow the user full flexibility and allowed him to easily create a 3D model. Using an entirely new logic components composing is really unique. The user can easily change the properties of individual components. These are mainly: the size, position, orientation and material properties and the like.

For example, when the model forest scene or panel doors, animals, trees, and the fundamental forces of nature can be selected as separate components, each component or group of components can be moved and modified at any time - they are not locked into the grid, this is a huge advantage, which prevents damage to individual components used in the project.






Who uses the Aspire?

Woodcarver, tvorcovie advertising, furniture manufacturers, government manufacturers, engravers, modelers, jewelers, manufacturers of architectural models, schools, colleges & universities, sculptor and 3D artists ...



Included Aspire DVD and includes the following functions:

- 50 professionally designed 3D models at a price over $ 1.100
- The installation DVD contains more than 6 hours of high quality video training
- 3D component design
- 3D relief from image files
- Import of 3D reliefs prípoonami - STL, DXF, OBJ, VRML, VA3D, CRV3D
- 3D &  sculpting  mixing
- 3D roughing toolpaths and final
- Design a 3D toolpath rolled sections and curved surfaces
- 2D drawing, design and drawing tools available in VCarve Pro - layer leads, guide lines and rulers etc.
- Edit text and easy to use
- File Import & Export DXF, EPS, AI, PDF
- Interactive sizing, location, node editing
- VCARVING and 3D engraving toolpaths
- 2D profiling of bridges
- Vačkovina toolpaths with Ramp options
- Slope of leaves
- The user can set the shape cutter
- Display toolpaths and see the finished product


Key features of the Aspire

     Aspire 3D interface ulachčuje modeling and machining.

     Emphasis on ease of use - evidenced by the nearly 6 hours of training videos on DVD.

     A new and unique interactive approach to composing 3D Components

     Full work with vectors - procedures to foster the work of many functions.

     Flexible design tools

     Simply click and drag to place a 3D component.

     High quality display of 3D model machining time calculation - see the finished product of different materials.



business benefits

     Able to produce the highest quality 3D products and services - so you can stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

     Offer customers new and improved product variations - efficiency allows you to adjust prices.

     Keep the joy of what they produce on their CNC machine!