Cut 3D performance


Quickly and easily model 3D machining


Cut3D program is designed to make toolpaths for CNC machines for machining 3D models that were designed using 3D CAD and other 3D graphics software. Prípadne nascenované laser scanners or touch. Cut3D is exceptionally easy to use and yet has all the necessary features that are expected from such software.

3D models are very large made ​​may be cut separately and then combined.








What is Cut3D?

Cut3D quickly and easily convert 3D models into CNC toolpaths (3D XYZ data cylindrical), which can then be machined on conventional 3 axis CNC machines.








What you can do with Cut3D?

Cut3D is perfect for the following applications:

3D modeling CNC engraving, milling
rapid Prototyping
New proposals for a new product
signature creation
different tagging
carving Optional stylus, door panels
Sculptures & theme parks 3D sculptures
jewelry Earrings and optional designs
Gifts and Staff Awards
rock cut
Memoirs, plaques and other


3D model formats

Cut3D includes powerful import filters that work with most industry standard file formats.

3D CAD design and graphics can be imported with commonly used programs such as:

3D ateliér
graphically oftware
Solid Works
Silo a pod.


The Internet is a very successful resource for 3D models with many Web sites that offer ready-made 3D ​​models. And many are free to download and can use them to test Cut3D.

3D file types are supported Cut3D:

STL files - binary & ascii
3D     3D Studio - binary & ascii
DXF Graphics software 3D DXF
OBJ equiphase surface
SBP ShopBot digital files
TXT MaxNC digital investigation
X DirectX
LWO LightWave
V3M 3D vector files


Sizing and position


3D models are typically designed in just any orientation and any veľkosť.Cut3D includes options for collecting position to be machined. Easily rotate the object, the mirror image size.

Maximum size of the model may be limited to the material thickness. Cut3D includes options for solving this problem.




Many of the working hand, they

3D model can be machined on one or even several. Simply select your choice and track Cut3D calculated automatically.

This is all the current 3D CNC machines.

For example, if we choose working from two sides Cut3D automatically calculates all the toolpaths for the top and bottom half of the design.









Automatic edge detection





Cut3D contains a unique choice for edge detection limit of the model and tool path in this area.

This feature ensures shorter time aside as unnecessarily nefrézuje entire rectangle, as is common in other CAM programs.












Quick and powerful 3D


rough  toolpath

Fast and powerful Z Level rough machining removes excess material quickly and easily, leaving the material model for the final toolpath - machined on thick.

Gross machine strategy includes options for profiling at each level.

The final tool path

The level of the final 3D cutterpaths are calculated in seconds. Automatic compensation for engraving tool according to shape and diameter.

Cut toolpath

Once the model was machined desired size can be selected from the material by using the cut path nástroja.Táto option automatically calculates the marginal outline.

Cut toolpath includes options to store or grind the edges so that it can be added to the model.








model slicing




When the 3D model is very large / thick, and fit under the gate on your machine or you do not have enough rough material model can be easily cut up into sections presekávača. For example, 24 "tall model can be sliced ​​into 12 x 2" thick pieces and the pieces can be assembled.

Cut3D automatically detects the edges of each piece, minimizing the time machine.












Realistic toolpath preview




The calculated toolpaths can be simulated to show completely different materials which will produce and how it will look like the finished product.

Thus it is possible to assess the quality of machining and also evaluate the need for machining times.

Such outcomes could be preserved and sent for approval by the customer or use them for promotion.









Estimated time machine

Cut3D automatically calculate the theoretical time for each cutting tool from the tool paths using the specified speed under the embedded data.

Saves toolpaths

The program has placed virtually all CNC machines and post processors to support the car. exchange tool on the machine.



Demo version for download Price software: 240,- €

Prices do not include VAT.