Cut 2D - Introduction

What is Cut2D?



  • Cut2D converts CAD DXF and graphics designs and creates GCode.
  • Affordable, easy to use and understand software that very reliably and efficiently creates high-quality CNC toolpaths for virtually all CNC machines.
  • Automatically converts CAD and graphic design at GCod and create toolpaths.
  • It opens most widely used standard 2D file formats DXF, EPS, AI & PDF.
  • ensures drilling
  • Automatic correction of orbits, according to the default tool. The software takes into account the shape and diameter of the instrument and it will create the indentation curve.
  • Allows fantastic 3D display of the finished product on a variety of materials. This is displayed as a finished product will look.
  • The principle is based on the successful VCarve Pro technology.























The software is also suitable for art products, but equally well be applied also in the manufacture of machine parts. Its main advantage is efficiency, anyone who wants to design and produce G cod effectively can not do without it, because it can save you a heap of time and so is the perfect complement to Machu May, and in the manufacturing sector.





Download the demo version!




  • model engineering
  • The prototype model and machining 
  • engineering
  • engraving
  • 2D CNC cutting
  • Manufacture of toys
  • sculpture
  • woodworking machines
  • Production of printed circuit boards
  • Emblem / logo engraving
  • Manufacture of watches



"I have long searched for an affordable, yet reliable CAM software. None was as effective as cut2D." (Jeff Arnett)






Software Cut2D Desktop = 135,- €

Software Cut2D Pro = 420,- €