Kompas F-3000




Kompas F-3000


Profesional - 3D CNC Router

Made in EU - Directly from the producer

With Ball screew + Hiwin Linear rail


New model: 


The new model Kompas F-3000 represents the ideal entry into the world of CNC technology.
The CNC routers have a very favorable cost-benefit ratio.
Many processes can be used to implement almost any process.
The F series reliably processes metals, plastics, circuit boards and wood.
Modell  F 3000  
Guide  Linear guide + Ball spindle
Table size (mm) 1400 x 3000
Travel height Z (mm) 200
XYZ working area (mm) 1250 x 2600 x 250
Spindleshaft HF spindle HF Spindel 2200 Watt
Spindle speed 6000 - 24000 U/Min
Weight approx ca. 550kg
Travel speed max. 2800mm/min.
Working speed max 2800mm/min
Drive motor  stepper motor
XYZ Accuracy 0,04mm
Repeatability < 0,05mm
XY Resolution 0,02mm
Z Resolution 0,02mm
software Mach 3 + Cut2D
Voltage 220VAC/50-60Hz
Delivery time  with request




The machine isparticularly good for milling plastics, wood, plywoodoccasionally:aluminum, brass.


The ideal tool for smalloperationsbut also in production, which is loaded with 14 hours a day.

Easily masteredengraving 3D reliefs.

Indispensable aid in every carpenter's workshop and advertising!

The whole production, the solid execution and the appropriate quality are the result of a years long
  Experience in the production of our technology CNC machines with the pleasant
  Value for money.
High Precision - Milling, drilling and engraving with high speed and quality.
Quiet, shapely and versatile. For an accuracy of 0.03 mm.
Our milling machines and engraving machines with the highly accurate
Ball spindles on the axes provide you with high precision and accuracy.
A machining center for milling, drilling and other work.
Made in Europe!
Due to the solid design with a base frame, the high static stiffness of the machines is achieved.
The ingenious position and distribution of the linear rails and guides of the associated
The drive and machine units used are based on years of development and experience.







Delivery included:

F3000 CNC Router Complete - Including:

Profi 2200W HF spindle motor

Collet set - 12 pcs

Programmed and integrated computer

Mach3 + software license

Software Cut2D

All assembled and tested

+ 10 pcs milling machines / set start /

Price: only = 7890.00, - €




Optional accessories::


Cut2D 420,00€
Cut3D 275,00€
Aspire 1800,00€
VCarvePro 660,00€

Spindle + Inverter



Better PC 290,00€
Shipping 0,40€/km


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