Kompas F - 1100


Professional 3D CNC router / engraver Kompas F - 1100

Made in EU - Directly from the manufacturer!

For all axes, a quality ball screws and linear quality management.

The latest model:


Construction:  of Metal (Fe + Al)
Working area:  y-1250mm
Stepper motors:  8,5 Nm 
Controller Driver:  Profi4 Controller
Offset by:  Ball screws
Spindle:   2,2kW  3-phase asynchronous motor + inverter
Accuracy:  cca 0,02 mm
Speed:  2000mm/min
Overall dimensions:  2000 x 1100 x 1700mm  
Weight:  250 kg


The machine is good for engraving and milling plastics, wood, plywood, aluminum, brass - the ideal tool for small plants, but also to manufacture, easily mastered engraving 3D reliefs. Our operation is fully tested and can handle a workload of 10 hours a day.

In particular, its rigid structure makes it suitable for working metal, in which case it can be fitted high-quality high-frequency spindle.



Scan and milled grip on the rifle.
Zet two axes:


CNC router Kompas F 1100 ATC - automatic tool change.

Instalation is possible also for Kompas F 3000



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The basic assembly of the machine is capable of work immediately and bring you profit.



Delivery included:


F1100 CNC Milling Machine

Profi 2200W spindle motor

 Collets ER20 set 

Programmed and integrated computer

Mach3 software license

Software Cut2D

All assembled and tested

10 pcs milling tools (start set)


Price only 5900,00 €



Optional accessories: 



Kompas VF25GS


275,00 €
Kompas VF25GS

VCarve Pro

500,00 €
Kompas VF25GS


1800,00 €

Dust Collector

300,00 €

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Shipping and Handling to EU = 0,40 € / 1km

This machine usually ships within fifteen (15)  business days of receipt of payment.