PhotoVCarve performance


PhotoVCarve was developed to allow the CNC machine engraved in a way that previously could only dig expensive laser machines.


What is PhotoVCarving?

PhotoVCarve instantly converts photographs and images into high quality toolpaths that run on virtually all CNC machines.

What can he do?

The ability to permanently display the finished product allows you to fix the outcome parameters and adapt to your requirements.

PhotoVCarve is also perfect for working with 3D lithography and thus allows you to create monuments and valuable gifts for more generations.

Possibilities of using PhotoVCarve no end can be used by all CNC machines. From enthusiasts who built their own machines to expensive machining centers - software provides options for everyone.





PhotoVCarve - comes

PhotoVCarve can be used to machine processing photos in 3 different ways.




1.Drážka V-shaped cutting

PhotoVCarve creates a line that changes the width of the groove and the dimension of a detail in a photograph or image. The quality of the final outcome depends on the contrast of these grooves and the surface material. This is necessary to consider when selecting a tool and entering the depth and other parameters.










2.3D Machining Lithophane

Lithophanes are 3D photos - these are images that look almost normal in the blank. But in light of the back of the active 3D effect, which can not be replaced, any photos.

Lithophanes was developed in the Middle Ages and is used mainly in the manufacture of porcelain, where the designs carved in beeswax and then were lit candle.









Greyscale 3.3D machining

Example shown is a possibility when using rounded tool use can produce 3D relief from black and white photographs.






Download the demo version Price software: 125,- €

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