Welcome to CNC 1.eu page
  We carry out CNC engraving and milling for 20 years and with one of the resulting experiences we benefit from machine construction.
That is why we manage to make machines that are fit and reliable.
The name Hobby is here because we consider it not just for a job, but we really enjoy doing what we do.
The overall style, the solid execution and the functional quality are the result of years of experience
  Experience in the production of our technology CNC machines which are also characterized by the pleasant price-performance ratio.
This page is updated again and again due to new experiences and knowledge.
















CNC Control Electronics Profi6


The Latest 6th Generation  of CNC Control



• All in One
• High Performance
• Smart Software
• Powerful Hardware
• Top Drivers



CNC Machines - CauCau CNC1





Kompas F3000Big - 4th Rotary Spindle Axis






Fiber Laser - L1530 Industry


The best price in Europe! | In stock! Available now!



CNC Dovetail Joints Milling by Standard End Mill - Kompas F1530 Industry




Testing CNC Router/Saw with automatic clamping and loading system Kompas F2030 Industry



The Cheapest ATC and Plywood Milling Kompas F3000 Triple Head ATC




Oscilation Knife Kompas F1530 Industry




CNC Plasma Sources to choose:

Hypertherm - HyperLine - AlfaIn


CNC Router Kompas F1530




CNC Plasma P2000 cutting 10 mm steel




Short preview Drag Knife in carton Kompas F3000Big




PCB Milling






4. Axis CNC Milling Kompas F600




Automatic line for the production of doors.




A short preview of our CNC machines from CauCau - CNC1




How to make gears on the 3D CNC machine Kompas H1000HF 





Since September 2016 are all our Profi Machines controlled by electronics of new Generation

Profi4 - More stable and more reliable control of Machine.




Kompas F3000 VS Fiat Ducato

Who wins?




 CNC router Kompas F 1100 ATC - automatic tool change.

Instalation is possible also for Kompas F 3000




CNC Router Kompas F 600 and machining Al.

Whel for sport car.



CNC Router Kompas F 600 plus 4. axis plus unigrav.




 For all Machines 2 month money-back guarantee and goods.

Thus you have two months in which to  benefit from the machine

and if you can manage its operation.

With this service the customer shall only bear the cost of transport.




 e-shop with tools and mechanical parts





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