Aspire gives you all of the functionality of VCarve Pro but adds 3D design tools to enable you to create your own 3D reliefs. Aspire’s unique 3D component modeling coupled with the comprehensive set of 2D design & editing tools make it easy to work with existing 2D data or imported 3D models and gives you the ability to create parts from scratch.


Key Features:

• Ability to import 2D vector files and bitmap images
• Complete set of 2D Design and Layout Tools
• Import multiple 3D model files (STL, OBJ, 3DM, SKP etc.)
• Import multiple Vectric 3D clipart files
• Single Sided, Double Sided & Wrapped Rotary Job Types
• Comprehensive set of 3D Modeling Tools
• Interactive Model Sculpting Mode
• Extensive set of Model Editing Tools
• 2D Toolpaths: Profiling, Pocketing, Drilling, Inlays and Quick Engraving
• 2.5D Toolpaths: V-Carving, Prism Carving, Mouldings, Textures & Fluting
• 3D Machining
• Support for add-on gadgets
• Ability to Merge & Simulate Toolpaths
• Toolpath Templates & Job Sheets
• + FREE 2D + 3D Clipart worth $5000
• Photo VCarving toolpath strategy
• Tool Database
• Optimized clearance tools in VCarving
Aspire - 1800€








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