Profi6 Steuerung


CNC Control Electronics Profi6


The Latest 6th Generation  of CNC Control


CNC electronics Profi6 is designed to controls all types of CNC machines.






All in One

• CNC control electronics of the latest 6th generation
• High-performance CNC computer
• Simple and smart CNC control software
• Integrated handheld controller
• Top end drivers



High Performance

High Performance DSP Processor •
Faster calculations and stronger processing options •
Stable and fast operation •
Completely computer-independent control •
Large internal memory •








Smart Software

• Pre-reading of files to improve processing efficiency
• Memory function - Power failure protection
• Breakpoint function - Resume work if the tool breaks
• Multi-coordinate memory - 9 working positions
• Support for G-Code, PLT, DXF files
• Backup and easy restore of settings
• Software spindle speed control



Powerful Hardware

USB data input interface •
8 Inputs and 8 Outputs •
Pulse frequency 1MHz •
Large storage space •
LCD screen 128x64px •
Electronics protected by metal covers •








Top Drivers

• Optically isolated input signals
• Current setting from 2A to 6A
• Micro-stepping from 1/2 to 1/250
• Automatic current reduction after motor stop
• Undervoltage and overvoltage protection
• Output short circuit protection



Technical parameters:


Model Profi6 RichAuto
Internal memory 512 Mb
Screen LCD 128x64 px
Communication port USB
Number of Axes 1 - 4 axes
Minimum input unit 0.001 mm
Maximum pulse frequency 1 MHz
Number of inputs and outputs 8 inputs / 8 outputs
Power supply of main board DC 24V
Control and Software Integrated CNC computer RichAuto
Language English
Command language G-Code
Multi-Coordinate memory 9 working positions
Soft/Hard Limits Yes
Power failure protection Yes
Breakpoint resume Yes
Backup and restore settings Yes
Manual mode Continuous, Step, Distance
Interpolation method Line, Arc, Curve
Password protection Yes
Advanced functions Yes
Software spindle speed control Yes
Drivers CC8060
Power supply of drivers DC 48V
Optically isolated inputs Yes
Current setting 2A - 6A
Micro-Stepping 1/2 - 1/250
Power supply of electronics AC 230V



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