Kompas L1530 Industry



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Kompas L1530 Industry


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Fiber laser suitable for cutting steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal sheets. We supply lasers with of 1000 - 3000W as standard. Our fiber lasers are driven by servo motors and power transmission is provided by a rack and pinion. Maximum speed 90m / min and acceleration 1G. Wireless Wifi controller for easy operation. Laser position indicator. We supply the machine with complete accessories including control computer, software, cooling, extraction. The machine is immediately ready to work and produce profit for you.

The price of CNC fiber laser includes:
• Complete machine ready for work
• Fiber laser source
• Control computer, including software
• Industrial cooling
• Extraction
• Protection glasses
• Consumable kit
• Training
• Warranty











L1530 Industry


Working area 1500 x 3000 mm
Speed 90000 mm/min
Acceleration 1 G
Accuracy 0,03 mm
Laser Power 1000 - 3000 W
Wavelength 1065 nm
Cooling System CW6200
Extraction Yes
Computer Yes Integrated
Software CypCut
Drive Servo drive system
Rails Taiwan HIWIN
Transmission Helical racks
Lubrication Automatic
WIFI remote Yes
Frame Welded metal
Dimensions 4000x2500x1900 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Consumables kit Yes
Training Yes
Warranty Yes



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