Kompas H - 3040

Engraving 2D/3D CNC Router.

Automate your production!
Increase your productivity!
Become independent!
CNC router suitable for engraving and milling materials such as plastic, wood, plexiglass and many others. The machine has ball screws for highest precision. The machine is equipped with a 500W spindle with a maximum speed 12000 rpm. The machine is controlled by the Mach3 software for easy operation which can do everyone. You can also buy a Vectric software such as Cut2D, Cut3D, Aspire and many others .. in these softwares you can easily and quickly prepare your products. The machine can be customized to your requirements.

Technical parameters:

  • Working area: 280x390x55mm
  • Spindle: 500W
  • RPM: 12000 ot/min
  • Spindle chuck: ER-11
  • Control software: Mach3
  • Guide Rails X/Y/Z: Ball
  • Motors: Stepper Nema23
  • Gear X/Y/Z: Ball Screws
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 615x485x390mm
  • Weight: Cca 25kg
  • Accuracy: 0,05mm




Price 1400,00€


CNC Router Kompas H3040

Mach3 Software + License

Set of collets ER11

Set of  tools 10pcs





Optional accessories:




from 80€

Installed and set up computer for CNC machine. Price depends on customer requirements.




from 135€

You can choose from all 2D/3D CAD/CAM softwares from Vectric.





In our e-shop you can find different kinds of tools for various materials such as wood, plywood, plastics, plexiglass, aluminum and many others ..



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