Profi4 Controller


Profi4 Controller

Profi4 Controller is a device designed to control larger machines, metalworking and machinery.

The Controller consists of the drivers, main board and switching power supply.

We supply individual components or all complete - is possible supply with conected steppermotors and programed PC.

In this case, you just conect steppermotors to machine and CNC is ready to work.


Profi4 Controller  is the driver of new generation designed for different types of machines. In its development to reap the lessons learned from previous products. It is intended 3-5 axes to drive to various CNC machines for example milling, engraving, lathes, cutters polystyrene, automatic drills and others machines..

The operation of the machine more stable.

It allows software control spindle speed.

Applicable software is Mach3, EMC2, KCAM4 and others with adjustable LPT port. (Windows XP, recommended)


Technical parameters:

Step/Dir systém, LPT port, drive steppermotors

Compact Design

2-phase bipolar microstep control

Adjustable microstep: 1/2 to 1/250

Dissipation per phase max DC 80V, 6A

Quiet operation

Max stepping frequency 100kHz

Stage more current setting

5 inputs

3 relays (max 230V, 3A)

USB and Switching power supply

Integrated Switching power supply for digital section

Protection against overheating




Complete controller with Profi4 main board, power supply and drivers.


Version 3D only 490,00 €

Version 4D only 550,00 €

Version 5D only 630,00 €


An opportunity to provide the controller with a fully assembled Profi4 main board, resources and drivers - connected stepper motors, as desired, and possibly set a programmed computer.


Available in our eshop




Driver CC8060 for 2-phase stepper motors:

Power supply up to 80V DC

Setting the current phase from 2A to 6A

16 step selectable resolution up to 51200 steps/rev

Maximum input frequency 300kHz

Optical isolated input signals

Suitable fo 2-phase stepper motors

Short circuit protection on output

Undervoltage and overvoltage protection

Automatic reduction after stopping stepper motor

Dimensions 150 x 111 x 47 mm

Price only 69,00 €

Available in our eshop




Main board Profi4

Stable and reliable machine control

It allows software control spindle speed
It allows you to connect up to 5 driver. engines
5 input signals
3 relay (eg. For switching spindle cooling ...)
15-32VDC operating voltage and 5V USB
Use software Mach3, EMC2, KCAM4 and other...
Dimensions 110 x 75 x 25 mm

Price only 45,00 €

Available in our eshop

Parallel port description:

Pin Function Description
1 Speed control Spindle speed control
2 Alternate port Relay or signal
3 Alternate port Relay or signal
4 Step X X pulse signal
5 Dir X X direction of the signal
6 Step Y Y pulse signal
7 Dir Y Y direction of the signal
8 Step Z Z pulse signal
9 Dir Z Z direction of the signal
10 X limit Input signal 1
11 On the knife Input signal 2
12 Emergency stop Input signal 3
13 Y limit Input signal 4
14 Spare port Spare port
15 Z limit Input signal 5
16 Step 4 4 pulse signal
17 Dir4 4 direction of the signal
18-25 GND GND



Files for Download

Profi4 Main Board Description Profi4 Main Board Manual




Switching power supply

In 230 VAC

Out: 48 VDC

400W 8.3A

215 x 115 x 50 mm (L x W x H)

Price only 40,00 €

Available in our eshop




Stepper motors

Applicable stepping motors are bipolar motors with rated currents up to 6A - mostly NEMA motor 34 to 12Nm

Offer stepper motors in our eshop




UC 100 USB Controller

Converter for connecting CNC machine via USB to a PC.
Suitable for computers that do not have or have a problem with your LPT port.
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8...

More info here

Price only 99,00 €

Available in our eshop





Payment and delivery:

Products is on stock and dispatched within three working days.
Methods of payment and delivery:

1. Products is possible shipp by cash on delivery.


3. Transfer to bank account.

4. Personal collection.



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