3D easy


D 2.5 - 3D machining - milling and engraving


This description is intended for beginners and those wishing to invest in software to a minimum.

The easiest way to get started with 3D modeling is the use of predatory Corel 11 and Mach3. Machu basic setup will not be addressed here, because it is described in the description of Machu - setting rates, the LPT pins, engine tuning - Calibration ....

Mach3 and Lazy Cam ktoe its part can import JPG format to convert to black and white photo and create a path so that the bottom will be black and white mountain or vice versa. Process so that the current picture is an acceptable result is very time consuming and experience. However, this system is very well useful in creating 3D ornaments, or in the production of forms, where there are no claims for accuracy.


The second step is to create an ornament or its import in the vector.

The shaded contour function is used - fill color.

Function objects are accelerating contours serve to spread the white area in the center and the radius of the resulting object.

If contour remained uniform and occurs in the middle and tip not rounded.

Finally, remove the course outline.


After completing the drawing location on a black desktop.

And the whole drawing is saved as a JPG format.


JPG format to import into the Lazy Camu serves button with the image name.

On the following screen, select the routing method - such as XY Raster.


After entering the grid appears on the new table:

Size of End Final Image size in mm.

Total Dept. - The maximum depth.

Step over ... Setting off from each other cutter paths

White should be .... White zopdpovedá max depth.


OK, and then followed by the establishment and sent G CODE to Machu Picchu.

When we set the coordinates of a material and press start and go for coffee.


Here is the product.