Kompas F - 3000_Duo

Kompas F - 3000_Duo
Professionall 3D CNC router
Made in EU - Directly from the producer
With  2x  " Z " Axis + Top ball screw + linear rail
Why two axis "Z"? :
 1 The second axis can be used as a semi-automatic tool change - for those who can not create NC code.
2 The second axis can be used as an automatic tool change - for those who know create NC code.
3 The second axis can be used to drill horizontal holes
4 Second axis can be used for milling, two parts at the same time
X-axis Travel

2000 mm

Y-axis Travel

2500 mm

Z-axis Travel

400 mm


0.02 mm




3000mm x 30000mm x 1500mm

max. cutter speed: 2800 mm per min.
Stepper motor 3 x 12,0 Nm  -2 x 8,5 Nm
Mechanical construction FE + AL
Spindle Speeds

500-24000 RPM / 3 kW  - 2 x

Spindle Motor

230 VAC


 The machine is designed primarily for the production of 3D models from hardened polystyrene, polyurethane, plastic, MDF and wood.


Usable also in the wood and furniture industry.


Excellent help in the production of advertising.

Video :




Delivery included:

F3000 Duo CNC Milling Complete - Including:

Profi 2200W spindle motor - 2x

Programmed and integrated computer

Mach3 + software license

Software Cut2D

All assembled and tested

+ 10 pcs milling machines / set start /

Price:  based on the specific requirements




Optional accessories:




Kompas VF25GS



250,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS

VCarve Pro

500,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS



1695,00,- €
Kompas VF25GS collets 12ks ER20 69,00,- €





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Shipping and Handling To EU = 0,40,- € / 1km 

This machine usually ships within fifteen (15) BUSINESS days of receipt of payment.